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Download the latest version of Sortpuz Apk to guide your brain through various levels of difficulty, through pleasant puzzles with soothing soundtracks.
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January 31, 2024
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Android 5.0 and up
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Embark on a journey that will challenge your logic and sharpen your problem-solving skills. If you are a puzzle enthusiast looking for a new brain challenge, Sortpuz APK promises an exciting experience. Discover the simplicity of sorting colored blocks, evolving into a head-scratching adventure with increasing levels of difficulty.

stead an amazing poetic odyssey with Sortpuz APK, where hues converge in a dance of logic, challenging the very essence of your intellect. Traverse through a thousand puzzles, each a verse in the ballad of this addictive game, evolving from simplicity to intricate elegance. Let intuitive controls be the sonnet that guides your journey, sliding numbered tiles in a dance of complexity.

In this symphony, find solace in the soothing notes of background music, a melody that accompanies your cerebral exploration. Optional in-app purchases, and a subtle cadence, offer unlocked realms and hints, enhancing the poetic resonance of the experience.

Unlock the secrets of the App, where every puzzle is a stanza, and your mind, the poet composing its tale. Download now and let the poetic riddles serenade your intellect, inviting you to partake in this ballet of the mind.

What Is Sortpuz APK?

Sortpuz APK is a puzzle game app, where colors and challenges intertwine, revealing a poetic escape that transcends mere gaming. It’s a symphony of colors, a ballet of logic where every swipe and sequence becomes a verse in the mind and song structure of the game. This brain teaser offers a fun intellectual exercise for players of all ages.

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With no esoteric skills required, the game unfolds as a charming sonnet, inviting puzzle enthusiasts to join in a dance of wit and resolution. As you make your way through a hundred enchanting levels, each puzzle becomes a puzzle, and the joyful struggle to arrange colored blocks resonates with the rhythm of an artistic journey. Sortpuz APK is a masterpiece of the poetic realm of gaming, where every level is a chapter, and for every challenge, a stanza is waiting to be composed by your genius.

Key Features of Sortpuz APK:

Varied Difficulty Levels, A Dance of Challenge:
From the gentle waltz of simplicity to the intricate tango of difficulty, it beckons with puzzles for all, a poetic spectrum that evolves with every level.

Intuitive Controls, The Sonnet of Swipes:
Navigate through this poetic journey with controls that dance like verses on the wind—easy to learn, yet profound dance of mastery, sliding tiles in a rhythmic ballet.

Over a Thousand Unique Puzzles, An Epic Verse Unfolds:
A poetic epic, it boasts a library vast and varied, each puzzle a stanza in the ongoing narrative, promising endless hours of lyrical engagement.

Relaxing Music and Sounds, A Melody for the Mind:
Immerse yourself in the serene sonority, a calming melody that accompanies the poetic dance of intellect, turning each puzzle into a meditative note.

Optional In-App Purchases, Enhancements in Harmonious Cadence:
Like a subtle refrain, optional purchases offer unlocked realms and hints, enhancing the poetic resonance, and providing benefits for those immersed in the rhythmic challenge.

How to Download and Install?

  • First of all, click on the button to download the App on your Android device.
  • After the download is complete, open your Android device’s File Manager app.
  • To install you must first turn on Unknown Sources enabled on the set of apps.
  • Once the installation is complete, tap to open the app.


Sortpuz APK stands as an enjoyable and challenging puzzle experience, which stimulates your mental abilities. From basic tile manipulation to complex problems, the game offers a spectrum of challenges, boasting over 10,000 puzzles for enthusiasts to conquer. If you’re looking for a way to sharpen your mind and enjoy solving problems at your leisure, then embrace this great choice. Download the APP today, and embark on an adventure that will fascinate and engage you. Puzzles await – are you ready to solve them?


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