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One can easily increase their likes, Comments, Followers and reactions on their social media for free by downloading Rajeliker Apk, the most secure and effective auto liker tool.
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June 20, 2023
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The Rajeliker app can help you reach your goals if you use Instagram or other social media and want to grow your account as well as your company or brand faster. With multiple features to help you increase Instagram followers, likes and comments, this app confidently claims to be the best tool for Instagram and other social media platform growth. It should focus on rapidly increasing the number of subscribers, countless auto-likes, and followers of your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media profiles.

So Rajeliker APK both iOS and Android users can download and easily use this tool to promote their social media profiles. Automating certain activities and providing users with insights into their audience and interactions, is designed to help Instagram users grow their accounts. Thanks to this, your social media posts will automatically receive likes, follows, comments and shares. It has been around since 2019, but in 2023, its creator made incredible improvements that make it even better than your first and save you time and effort by automating the promotion process. It has built a reputation for being one of the most successful Instagram growth solutions.

About Rajeliker Apk:

Rajeliker uses a number of strategies to help users grow social media followers easily. Auto Liking and the commenting tool are prominent features. With this application, users can instantly like and comment on content that fits their target market or speciality. This can free boost getting more likes, comments, and subscribers and draw more followers to your account.

Another feature is the hashtag research tool on Rajeliker. Using appropriate hashtags in posting can help users’ posts become more visible and popular on Instagram. Additionally, the app offers insights into your audience and engagement, allowing you to monitor your progress and change your plan as needed. Apart from this, to get the latest and original updated version of the app, click the green download button at the top and download it for free.

Features of RajeLiker:

  • Simple and reliable results generator.
  • likewise, provide YouTube subscriptions.
  • No Spam, 100% Secure and Reliable.
  • You selected functional tools that offer instant service.
  • It works with nearly every Android device and version.
  • Compared to the old version, fix every bug in the new version.
  • and effective time management.
  • Free source to always obtain the likes you want.
  • Continually protect users’ privacy.
  • provides up to 10k likes each day and 200 active likes for every submission.
  • It offers long-term social media effects.
  • Never ask the programme creator for money.
  • There are tools for Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Key Features of Rajeliker:

  • Automated liking and commenting tool
  • Hashtag research tool
  • Audience and engagement insights
  • Automated DMs
  • Post scheduling

How to Use RajeLiker:

To use RajeLiker, you need to set your Facebook posts to “Public” and get an access token. Once you have the access token, enter it into the tool and select the posts you want to generate likes and reactions. This tool will automatically start generating likes and reactions to your posts, helping you increase your engagement and visibility.

Is Rajeliker Safe to Use?

These tools are easy to use as well as secure and provide complete security features to the users. When using most automation tools, many users are concerned about whether they are violating social media user terms of service. But Rajeliker claims to follow the rules and regulations of social media services. The app also has a number of security features, such as automatic pauses and a range of daily actions, so it’s completely safe.


Overall, Rajeliker Apk is a useful tool for Instagram users to try for free and fulfil their desire to grow their accounts easily. One can get custom auto likes and followers using its features and usage. Its auto-like and comment tool, hashtag research tool, and audience insights can all help increase engagement and attract more followers. However, it is not available in the official app stores, but don’t worry, we have shared the latest and original version here for you to download and enjoy.


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