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Radha Keli Kunj, a new app, combines seamless devotion to Priya Pritam and Poojya Gurudev, connecting users to 'Vrindavan Hathopsana' with scrollable Vani, daily prayers, and comprehensive teachings.
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Radha Keli Kunj
January 28, 2024
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Android 5.0 and up
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Welcome to the official app of Shri Hit Radha Keli Kunj, Vrindavan. Developed with the blessings of Priya Pritam and Pujya Gurudev Bhagavan, this app serves the devotees of ‘Vrindavan Hatopsana’, which promotes connection with Pujya Maharajji and helps in spiritual growth. Radha Keli Kunj is a spiritually enriching lifestyle app, thoughtfully designed to provide a seamless blend of devotion and technology. Acting as the official app of Shri Hit Radha Keli Kunj, Vrindavan, it has earned its top-rated status based on user experiences.

Also blessed by PriyaPritam and Pujya Gurudev Bhagwaan Lord, Radha Keli Kunj APK is designed to connect devotees with the essence of ‘Vrindavan Hatopsana’, fostering a deep spiritual connection with Pujya Maharaj Ji. So the app’s user-friendly features include a scrolling interface for Vani, daily prayers in Nitya Path, and comprehensive information about Pujya Shri Hit Preman and Govind Sharanji Maharaj. It serves as a comprehensive guide for those seeking spiritual growth and a closer connection with the divine teachings.

About the APP:

Whether you’re planning a Satsang visit or seeking solace through virtual engagement, the app provides a seamless experience, even allowing users to report issues or request features. Recent enhancements, such as additional languages, improved zoom functionality, language options, and smoother navigation, further enrich the user experience. A commitment to continuous improvement is evident, ensuring that Radha Keli Kunj remains a source of inspiration and guidance.

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More recent updates to the Burn app reflect the commitment to enhancing the user experience. Notable improvements include the addition of a new voice, improved zoom functionality, language options, and smoother navigation. The app caters to a global audience by offering content in both Hindi and English, providing a more holistic experience. Apart from its spiritual offerings, Radha Keli Kunj also facilitates practical aspects, such as planning a visit for Satsang, kayak vartalap, darshan, or kirtan, with easy navigation through maps. Users can actively engage with the app by reporting bugs or requesting new features, demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement.

Features of Radha Keli Kunj:

Vaani Path: Explore various Vaanis, including Shri Hit Chaurasi Ji, Shri Radha Sudha Nidhi Ji, and more.
Nitya Path: Engage in daily prayers such as Yamunastakam, Bhakta Namavali, and more.
Information: Learn about Pujya Shri Hit Preman and Govind Sharan Ji Maharaj, official social media channels, and published books.
Visit Us: Plan your visit to Satsang, Ekantik Vartalap, Darshan, or Kirtan with easy navigation via Maps.
Feedback: Report bugs or request features directly through the app.


In the end, uninterrupted devotion prepared with the divine blessings of Priya Pritam and Pujya Gurudeva, Radha Keli Kunj acts as a conduit for the devotees of ‘Vrindavan Hatopasana’, which deepens with Pujya Maharajji. Facilitates relationships and guides spiritual growth. The App, including scrollable Vani, daily prayers in Nitya Path, and comprehensive information about Pooji Shri Hit Preman and Govind Sharanji Maharaj, makes it a valuable companion on the spiritual journey.

Download the app for a transformational journey and devotion meets technology with Radha Keli Kunj – an app that not only fulfills spiritual needs but also embraces the modern era with grace.


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