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GO earth attacked Rocket's Pokémon Go APK! Battle GO Grunts as PokéStops is being sought and save Pokémon.
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Niantic Inc.
December 8, 2022
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Android 5.0.1 and up
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GO earth attacked Rocket’s Pokémon Go APK! Battle GO Grunts as PokéStops is being sought and saved Pokémon.

Join millions of players around the planet who are watching Pokémon exploring the environment. A worldwide gaming phenomenon, downloaded more than 1 billion times, is the Game Developers ‘Choice Awards and Best Player for the Year from Tech Crunch.

POKÉMON’s World: Search and test Pokémon everywhere you’re! Uncover the history of the Pokémon Go APK can More Capture Pokémon to complete your Pokédex! JOURNEY alongside your Buddy Pokémon to improve and award your Pokémon! Epic gymnastics wars COMPETE.

 worldwide trainers who find Pokémon through their discovery of the planet around them. The Software Developers Choice Award and the TechCrunch “Best device of the year” are global technology phenomena and have been downloaded over 1 billion times and called “Best Smartphone Title.

It is best to play while linked to a network to receive correct position information. For more configuration specifics, please check PokemonGO.com, configuration information can be changed at any time.

Features of Pokemon Go APK:

1) Explore and find Pokémon in every region of the planet.

2) To totally increase your in-game rating, Catch more Pokémon.

3) To help make your Pokémon happier and win bonuses along with your Companion Pokémon.

4) To get strong Pokémon during the Raid Battles along with other Trainers.

5)  It’s time to shift the stories to the modern world.

Pokémon GO Apk and items:

Certain types of Pokémon can be found in their natural habitats. To catch a water type, for example, look for them near a lake or an ocean. Visit the following locations to stock up on Pokéballs and other useful items.

  • Art installations in museums
  • Entertainment
  • Historic sites
  • modern world
  • Monuments
  • Obtain, hatch, and evolve
  • Easy to enjoy
  • Free For use
  • Much more


Leveling up allows you to catch new and more powerful Pokémons to add to your Pokédex. You can also add Pokémon to your Pokédex by hatching the Poke eggs after a long walk. By catching many of the same types, Pokémon can evolve quickly. Bring along a Pokémon pal to help you earn rewards. Candy will help you strengthen your Pokémon.

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