BMT Reborn APK PART 147 (Latest Version) v1.3.19 Free Download

v1.3.19 (PART 147)
With the incredible Mobile Legends Injector BMT Reborn, you can enjoy free skins and backgrounds while accessing hundreds of awesome and beautiful hero skins.
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BMT Reborn
April 4, 2024
12.7 MB
v1.3.19 (PART 147)
Android 4.5 and up
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BMT Reborn is a fantastic injector app that lets you enjoy Konei ML skins as well as hundreds of awesome and very beautiful hero skins and backgrounds in a simple and free way. You can easily change your hero’s skin by opening the menu and selecting the skin you want to use. Now go, use it, and have a lot of fun. With new backgrounds, it will be easy to find the perfect background for your skin. The developers have added emoticons and emotes to give you a complete experience.

If you want to personalize your ML characters and gameplay and play with your gestures for less hassle and trouble. This app will fulfill your desire as you can change hero skins and background images, and you can get the best fighting emotions for free and easily. Now you can download the APK file for free from our website and let the fun return. With hundreds of different skins and backgrounds, BMT Reborn gives you the chance to truly personalize your hero. With Reborn Amoeba you can also share your hero skins with your friends.

There are now many different emotes to choose from in each phase of the battle, but they are difficult to obtain. With this, you can now create battle emotes and use them while playing the game. So you can give your characters and heroes new skins by changing their skin color and outfitting them with new weapons and accessories. This is a one-of-a-kind option that allows you to see how you would look with another hero’s skin before customizing your own. You can choose which hero skin you want to try and then see how your character will look in that skin.

What Is BMT Reborn Injector APK?

The latest version of BMT Reborn, in particular, provides a plethora of fantastic features. For example, in the settings menu, you can select your favorite hero skins and use them in your style. You can use it to customize your game settings and control your gestures. You can easily choose the gender of your hero, and use it for free as well as choose from two different battle scenes in one match. You can also play your game in a specific location and have everyone dance to your finger tricks.

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The fun thing about this app is that you can add your friends to the game and command them. If you want, you can play with your avatar instead of the default character. BMT Reborn APK includes many unique features that you won’t see in any other skin injector app today. If you are looking for the best skin injector app, you won’t find another skin injector like it.

With so many new skins available on the BMT Reborn app, you’re bound to find the features you’re looking for. New battles and emotions have been added by the developers to keep you entertained. Emoticons and emotes are used in battle to express your emotions. These emotions are frequently used to communicate your feelings to friends and family members.

Key Features:

The app allows you to customize the game controls. You can also add special emotes to the list of in-game emotes. You can add your own emotes to the list of in-game emotes.

Character’s physical appearance
You can change the appearance of your characters.

Mode change
BMT Reborn now has a new feature called “Tournament Mode.” This mode allows you to compete in tournaments and win trophies, which you can obtain by playing matches.

Comparison ratio
The tool will allow you to play and compete against others in your league. You’ll be able to see the rankings and leaderboards, allowing you to see how you compare to other players.

One-of-a-kind graphics
The graphics in BMT Reborn are the main draw for players. It employs incredible graphics that are extremely realistic.

A variety of features
This new version will not only include many new features, but it will also include some old ones. All of these features will be retained, and new ones will be added.

New products
Several new items are now available in it. Players can now purchase new items for their heroes to improve their combat abilities.


BMT Reborn is a great injector app that provides a new and exciting gameplay experience for free. Also, you can easily use emotes to communicate with your team. This will give you different options to choose from on the battlefield and much more.


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